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Gaslight Tea Party

Tea and cookies… with an imaginary friend? Let people make fun of her if they want. Claire ignores them. Nemo finally came around for a

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Bowl the Lizard

Something is missing… The Princess just knows it. Something important, something she can’t think of. With robot caretakers in tow she goes in search through

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Children of Jad Onmibus

It all started with an ordinary day and ended with her life changed forever… Finding remnants of an ancient crashed ship in a forest of

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Glint of a Tower (Children of Jad #4)

A test of the heart… Pelik is given the chance to be as special as his two human friend Elvy and Tiver when he’s invited

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Glint of an Artifact (Children of Jad #3)

Which is more dangerous: ancient data suncatchers or pirates? When pirates descend on the archeological dig of an ancient crashed spaceship, Tiver Holiway makes a

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Glint of a Ring (Children of Jad #2)

Who can she trust to help? Spending a leisurely day at the archeological dig of an ancient crashed spaceship comes to an abrupt end when

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Night of the Aurora (Salmon Run – Book 1)

A new life in Alaska, a massive aurora, and a hidden spaceship under the ice and snow…  For Hawk and Zach Callahan, getting to the

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Glint of a Suncatcher (Children of Jad #1)

Amazing discovery or a trigger to war? Elvy Akuma hopes to make a little extra money by finding and selling Suncatchers, the shells of a

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