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Curse of the Second Date

Abandon all hope with the second date… Jack desperately wants the second date with the woman of his dreams to go as well as the

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Gaslight Tea Party

Tea and cookies… with an imaginary friend? Let people make fun of her if they want. Claire ignores them. Nemo finally came around for a

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Bowl the Lizard

Something is missing… The Princess just knows it. Something important, something she can’t think of. With robot caretakers in tow she goes in search through

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The Book Nomad (Gateway Roadhouse)

Danger waits in an open book! It’s a good thing physical books are rare in the year 5432, especially with poor Hembert ending up transported

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Wolf Dance (Gateway Roadhouse)

A request he can’t refuse… Keeping the Sorin worlds free from vermin such as poachers and smugglers is a full-time job for Ranger Corsac. As

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Teacup Mountain

Is leaving what she really wants? Tilly Simpson and her class graduate with grand plans for a future among the worlds of the Galactic Commonwealth.

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Crystal Wishes

A string of wishes hang in the window… Opal’s parents latest obsession in frontier-world mining ends in tragedy. Even as the grief descends, the questions

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Are We There Yet?

The more things change, the more they stay the same.  The Larson family head out in their space-RV on a vacation trip to Venus when

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