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The Legend of Crazy Uncle George (Salmon Run – Book 8)

The start of summer brings a rush of activity, and a touch of crazy… Hawk and Zach Callahan receive their first lodgers of the summer

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Once Upon a Pet Show (A Redpoint One Romance)

Does love stand a chance among alien pets and intrigues? Vallory Schist does not care about winning a prize at Redpoint One’s annual Exotic Pet

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Mary Celeste Adrift

Strange things happen in the Briggs Triangle… Low-ranked crew member Riya Cobley gets the lovely privilege of joining the team to investigate the drifting space-freighter

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Salmon Run Collection #1

A new life in Alaska, a haunted lodge, singing only Zach and Sasha can hear… Hawk and Zach Callahan are thrilled by the inheritance of

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Dark of the Storm

Death lurks in the storm of a lifetime. Gardens are few on a floating city. When a new family arrives in her apartment high-rise, Hikari

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Dead Run

On a run for her very life… For Mira Escala, a new job overseeing docks at Abashiri Sky City represents a new start. Until she

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Breakup – Alaska Style (Salmon Run – Book 7)

Summer, fall, winter, and breakup… Slush and mud mix with snow and ice, turning Salmon Run into a gooey mess. Spring will soon arrive, a

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Aurora Equinox (Salmon Run – Book 6)

With the equinox come the aurora and the itch of spring… Good moods are scarce in Salmon Run these days. Zach Callahan’s lingering foul mood

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