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Once Upon a Pet Show (A Redpoint One Romance)

Does love stand a chance among alien pets and intrigues? Vallory Schist does not care about winning a prize at Redpoint One’s annual Exotic Pet

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Dark of the Storm

Death lurks in the storm of a lifetime. Gardens are few on a floating city. When a new family arrives in her apartment high-rise, Hikari

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Dead Run

On a run for her very life… For Mira Escala, a new job overseeing docks at Abashiri Sky City represents a new start. Until she

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Eloquently Crooked

A determined bounty hunter meets her match in a silver-tongued criminal… Patricia Silverton privately battles to take back her home from the smugglers infesting the

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Teacup Mountain

Is leaving what she really wants? Tilly Simpson and her class graduate with grand plans for a future among the worlds of the Galactic Commonwealth.

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Crystal Wishes

A string of wishes hang in the window… Opal’s parents latest obsession in frontier-world mining ends in tragedy. Even as the grief descends, the questions

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Are We There Yet?

The more things change, the more they stay the same.  The Larson family head out in their space-RV on a vacation trip to Venus when

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A Turn of the Pipes (A Redpoint One Romance)

An alien newt leads to… love? Rachel Henderkito’s job of taking care of Redpoint One’s plumbing problems isn’t easy, especially when citizen pets clog up

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